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Peyarar Subash 2024 Bangla

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Peyarar Subash 2024 Bangla
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Peyara is an unfortunate woman. She has been married to an older man by her uncle in return for some money. she is disappointed to know that her husband is a coffin maker. she pushes her husband away citing the stench of his body sweat. sexually aroused aynal munshi becomes furious. the grumpy old man forcefully has intercourse with the bride. he rapes her day after day, peyara is going mad due to the repeated rape. she decides to take revenge. aynal munshi, poisoned by peyara is now demented by datura (a plant) poisoning. he can smell the rotting corpse on his body. meanwhile, peyara’s ex-boyfriend hashem arrives as the new carpenter at munshi’s factory…

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